Learning approach

The SC-SOBA uses a case-based learning approach. Course materials to cover in the summer course are:

  1. Innovative and Emerging Agricultural Technology and Management
  2. Sustainable Tropical Agriculture
  3. Sustainable Tropical Animal Production and Health
  4. Building Resilience in Tropical Agro-Ecosystems
  5. Socio-economic and cultural dimensions in Tropical Agriculture

The course program will be divided into two formats: online only, and hybrid (Figure 1). Learning resources are a combination of lecturers, independent research and group project (online-only program), field trips (onsite-hybrid program), assignments, and group projects. To work on the group project, participants are grouped into several teams based on the individual student’s chosen topic in their poster assignment. Each team is to pick a case study to analyze and offer recommendations.

Figure 1. SC-SOBA 2023 course format.


Evaluation of student performance

No. Criteria Type Percentage (%)
1 Poster assignment Group assignment (in pairs) 10
2 Attendance and active participation (lectures and group works) Individual 20
3 Quizzes Individual 10
4 Video presentation Group assignment (in groups) 30
5 Peer evaluation Individual 20
6 Course evaluation Individual 10