SC-SOBA 2023 Enrollment

  • Registration: June 1st – July 1st, 2023.
  • Link to register (including guidelines on how to apply):
  • UGM admission page
     Program name on the UGM admission system:
     - SC-SOBA 2023 Online
     - SC-SOBA 2023 Hybrid (online and onsite field trip)

Application form follows UGM’s admission system.
Several notes:
1. International applicants who have no passport may register with her/his country’s identification. The identification should clearly state her/his nationality.
2. When applicants are asked to upload documents, the required documents include (#a-c are required by UGM, and #d-e is an additional requirement for SC-SOBA 2023):
  a) Photo/scan of the identification page on Passport (or own country’s identification if Passport is not applicable).
  b) Curriculum Vitae or resume (please select one).
  c) Official passport size photo.
  d) Certificate of TOEFL/IELTS/other valid English proficiency test (this doesn’t have to be the most recent).
  e) Transcript as proof of academic records (this must be the most recent but doesn’t have to be official. The PDF print of transcript from the applicant’s home university system is accepted).
3. You may skip other documents, i.e., financial support (SC-SOBA is free of charge), personal statement, recommendation letter, diploma, and good health statement.